Eco-chic House

TULUM, Mexico

Great investment opportunity !!!

We build your house in this stretch of paradise



Eco-chic House Project “CASA SELVA”

USD 379.000.-
1.001m2 lot
ocean-view from roof-top!!!
residential area closest to the beach (1km)


Modern, eco-chic living in a very generously spaced house in Tulum´s residential zone closest to the beach. The house combines modern architecture with European design & traditional Mexican/Mayan elements on a luxury level and is situated on an unusually large lot (1.001m2) surrounded by lush tropical vegetation only 1km from the marvellous Caribbean beach and 3,5km from the city center. The house is carefully embedded into its natural surroundings so that you can enjoy at your utmost the wonderful flora and fauna of this tropical paradise.

High-quality construction and finishings. Generously spaced open-floor plans, high ceilings and large windows & sliding doors that allow for an optimal cross-ventilation of the refreshing sea breeze that can be felt in this area close to the beach, additional living room (TV room, office) on top floor with access to the balcony and to the roof-top terrace with ocean-view. Spacious palm-thatched terrace and a palm-thatched balcony built of tropical hard wood. Huge garden with beautiful tropical vegetation and tall trees. Access road available.

We build your home in this stretch of paradise just 5 minutes from the busy city life and a few steps from one of the world´s most beautiful beaches, next to Aldea Zama and on the route to nearby cenotes. Residential area with the highest development potential along the second access road to the beach which has just been opened – prices in this area will explode! Luxury eco-chic neighborhood guaranteed.

CASA SELVA will be our third house project in this area, each house being different and featuring its own personality within our luxury eco-chic concept.

3 bedrooms
3,5 bathrooms
2,5 storeys
Residential zone closest to the beach (1km)
3,5km from Tulum center
Roof-top terrace with ocean-view
Roof terrace
Additional upstairs living room with access to balcony, roof terrace and roof-top terrace
Huge palm-thatched terrace in the front and along one side of the house
Tropical hardwood balcony accessible from the master bedroom and upstairs living room
High ceilings
Large sliding doors and window frames for optimal cross-ventilation
High-quality finishings (granite countertops, stainless steel and tropical hardwood)
High-quality floor tiles inside and outside (grés porcelánico)
Ceiling fans
Additional storeroom and facility quarter outside


Why buy a house in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the emerging countries with the largest potential of growth in the luxury real estate segment in exclusive areas. It offers a high living standard with all the amenities and medical supplies needed for first class living at comparatively low prices.

Why buy a house in the Riviera Maya, Mexico?

The Riviera Maya at the Caribbean coast of Mexico attracts millions of tourists every year with its white powdery sand beaches and turquoise blue Carribbean sea. Many of them decide to make the Riviera Maya their second home for vacation or retirement.

Why buy a house in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Tulum is Mexico’s jewel still partly undiscovered by big investors with still accessible house prices. Construction and city planning in Tulum is well organized along ecological guidelines making Tulum a luxury retreat for those longing to live in an eco-chic environment next to the beach. Geographically it is only a few hours of relatively cheap flight away from the USA and Canada, making it an ideal spot for buying a vacation house to escape the cold winter months up north or a second or permanent retirement house. The eco-chic housing and life style next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world also attracts an increasing number of Europeans to buy their vacation or retirement house in Tulum.

Tulum is world famous for its Mayan ruins picturesquely situated at the Caribbean coastline with its deep turquoise blue water. The best beaches in the Riviera Maya can be found in Tulum. The area around Tulum offers many fascinating natural sites like the famous cenotes (natural fresh water pools) and important architectonical sites such as Coba which is supposed to be one of the largest cities of the ancient Mayan world with part of it still covered by the jungle.

Why buy a house in Tulum’s eco-chic residential zone?

You are right in time to buy a house in one of Tulum’s luxury residential zones at a still accessible price. The region where we offer our projects are in the residential zone closest to the beach, in the middle of the tropical forest but only 1.000m from the beach and 3.500m from Tulum’s city center. Close to the hotel zone and next to other luxury (but already high-priced) housing projects, our region will be one of the most prestigious and luxurious residential zones in Tulum with the highest quality of living when the infrastructure will be finished in the near future. The lots are generously spaced and construction plans strictly regulate low-density construction and the maintenance of the tropical vegetation which ensures the preservation of nature in this luxury residential area and a tranquil & quiet neighborhood in a lush tropical environment close to the beach.

Kukulkan – new access road to the beach!!!

CASA SELVA is located 200m from Kukulkan Blvd., Tulum´s second access road to the beach which has just been opened. Prices will boost in this area and rental income opportunities will be among the highest in Tulum.

International Community and Safety

The Riviera Maya in general, and Tulum in particular, are very safe areas of Mexico. Tulum is an international meeting point where Mayans from all over the peninsula of Yuccatan, Mexicans from all parts of the republic and foreigners from all over the world meet to create their new home and make their dreams come true.

European architecture & Mayan design

Our houses combine European architectural design and quality with regional features inspired by Mayan/Mexican architectural tradition and the fascinating nature of this tropical place. The houses are carefully embedded into their natural surroundings, melting the interiors and the exteriors into a harmonious unity. First class, high-quality construction with contemporary design and luxury finishings, incorporating natural and ethnic elements on a luxury level.

Sustainable building concept

We exclusively build houses on our own lots which guarantees our responsibility as to the eco-chic living concept we stand for (preservation of tropical vegetation, sustainability of our houses, high-quality construction, luxury finishings) and the tranquil & quiet living in a luxury eco-chic neighborhood also in the future.

Housing plans and features

As CASA SELVA is a pre-sale project, individual changes can be made to the housing plans if desired. This is especially important for the finishings where we will give you room for your own choice and selection of materials and colors. The final plan will be submitted to the Mexican authorities for the building permit. Our fees include all permits requested by the Mexican authorities (cutting of trees, access road, building permit, mechanical studies, etc.). We will also advise you on matters of trusteeship (fideicomiso) which is needed for the purchase of a house in Mexico if you are not a Mexican citizen and, if desired, can handle this paperwork for you through our lawyer.

CASA SELVA, as our previous house projects in the area, is a combination of contemporary modern style and Mayan architectural elements featuring generous open floor plans allowing for space and freedom of movement, along with carefully planned cross-ventilation to keep your house a naturally cool and fresh place amid the tropical heat. A very generous terrace and tropical hard-wood balcony are equipped with luxury palm-thatched roofs according to local tradition which let you enjoy the cool breeze in your hammock as this natural material lets in the cooling air but at the same time is absolutely waterproof and helps protect your house against rains and winds.

Downstairs CASA SELVA is designed with an open living room and kitchen as well as a practical laundry room and bathroom, plus bedroom with its own private bath. Upstairs there will be an additional living space (living room, TV room, office) with direct access to the tropical hardwood balcony, offering a breathtaking view over your tropical garden. The large upstairs master bedroom with a very spacious bathroom will also have direct access to the balcony. A third bedroom with its own bath will be located upstairs. From the upstairs living room you can access the roof and the roof-top terrace with ocean-view.

You will approach your house through your tropical garden being received by a large and spacious porch/terrace in front of your house. From there you enter the open floor living room with kitchen and walk upstairs or aside to the bedrooms. The inside of our houses is equipped with luxury finishings including luxury porcelain tiles, fully equipped shower and bathrooms as well as kitchen with stainless steel sink and high-quality countertops. Elements of tropical hard wood and hand-made ceramics are rounding up the natural and ethnic part of our architectural style.

Outside there will be an extra utility quarter & store room and a carport.

Contact for further information.

Garden design

We assist you with the layout and design of your garden. Together with Mayan workers who are the best advisers as to which trees be cut and which better be kept (flowers and fruits to attract colorful birds and butterflies and please your eyes and palate) we clear the forest as much as needed to construct your house and fit in your own favorite trees, bushes, and flowers. Garden-paths are chosen according to practical needs, harmonically fitted into your garden as inspired by the surrounding vegetation and elements of Feng Shui.

I want to purchase a house in Mexico but I don´t speak Spanish.

Speaking Spanish is not an indispensable requisite when visiting Mexico as a tourist or buying your home in Mexico. Mexicans are well prepared to receive tourists and buyers from the USA, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world and well equipped to transact business in English. However, if you decide to live in Mexico and buy your vacation or retirement house in Mexico speaking Spanish will be a very helpful asset. It is easier and more pleasant to immerse into Mexico’s culture and mentality being capable to express yourself in Spanish and it may be helpful in your sales transaction being able to ask questions in Spanish and to read at least the main paragraphs of your sales contract in Spanish.

Spanish classes for investors

We help to equip you with basic Spanish or make your advanced Spanish more fluent at our Spanish school Jardín Español. Picturesquely situated in a tropical garden between the city center of Tulum and the Tulum beach we offer a wide choice of Spanish courses. We have specialized in Spanish classes for investors, equipping them with the necessary vocabulary and helping with information as to how approach Mexican real estate agents, Mexican authorities and legal matters of a house or lot purchase in Tulum – availability and authenticity of legal documents such as titles (escrituras), obtaining a trusteeship (fideicomiso), etc.